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The Name of Jesus

Now that we are here, it is important that I get you to understand what God is giving to know and understand about the name of Jesus. All of the things that the church has taught about there being power, healing etc. in the name of Jesus is truth. What God wants us to see the difference between the name of Jesus and the power in the name of Jesus. God let me know that the name of Jesus is subjected to translations. When we leave this country and go somewhere else, you may hear a different name referring Christ the Messiah, the same spirit we call Jesus. If you step outside of your bubble of life, you will notice that Christ the Masiah Jesus has many different translations. Through the many centuries of history much of God’s truths for us were lost but due to the rise of social media and historical findings such as the dead sea scrolls.

What has not been lost is the power that is in the name of Jesus! I am not saying that to say if you used the name Jesus, you will have power. That is what we in the church has been taught, but God showed me that many people use and claim to know the power of His name but they are suffering in many ways. The power that His name is so powerful, it really does all the things the church teaches but does not experience. The reason why is because although many have learned the process of tapping into this power, very few are willing to do the work it takes to get there and stay there. That’s what it takes to live life more abundantly! It has nothing to do with your status in life. “I like to say “God is a Spirit and the Rest is Vapor!” The work that has to be done is all spiritual. Although it may require a physical action at some point, it is the physical where it all happens. So no matter how much someone say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, or shouts there is power in the name of Jesus, or even there is power in the blood of the lamb! just know, that If you don’t know how to access the power, then you don’t really have a lot of it.

I recommend you examine your life in every situation. Be Self-Aware first by focusing on the Holy Spirit within you that was given to you when God breath the breath of life into you and you became a living soul. This is when you became aware of yourself. When you are practicing Self-Awareness, you are giving attention to your soul and what it takes to care for it. When you care for your soul, you receive the guidance to care for yourself and others. Remember this is God’s spiritual device of communication for us to Him and Him to us as well as us to ourselves. That is something it seems that the teaching in the church missed. This is why so many in the Body of Christ have famished souls and are suffering in many ways. We suffer in our bodies souls and minds because we expect God to do something we ask Him to do, When He said if you abide in me and my word abide in you, you can ask what you want and it shall be done. We can only get it if we do the work. Pay attention and follow instructions. God is not going to need our souls when we die. It will separate from the spirit, just like our bodies will be empty containers that held our God Energy and Tissue Material together. It is that powerful Love Energy of God that operates in us to Love. You don’t need the name of Jesus, You need the power in the name Jesus. The name of Jesus of Jesus is in translation but the power in the name is where it is.

Because I have spent my life learning to Love, I had to give great attention to God’s instruction to love my neighbor as myself. I have found that the things that I care most about myself is my health, my happiness and my spiritual growth. All of those things come from the soul. If you keep your soul happy and clean, you will grow spiritually. The way to do that is to give attention to your soul. In your daily living, as you interact with your enemy or those whom you may deem as a treat to your environment, always visit your soul before you may decisions or say hurtful things. If you are not caring about another person’s health, happiness or Spiritual Growth, you are not following God’s commandment in that moment in life. When you do, you will have mastered “Loving In the Spirit”

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