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Love In The Spirit - Queen Theresa King
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The power in recognizing and utilizing our ability to “Love in The Spirit” can take us to spiritual heights that manifest levels of peace and harmony in every area of our being. Because God is Love, as sure as God is a Spirit, and the Spirit of God is the Love of God, we have the power to love in a way that covers multitudes of sins. This God of love lives moves and resides in us. This is what makes us the powerful forces of love that we are. When recognizing and understanding this truth, we come to terms with the truth of God’s word that says “God is able to do exceedingly, and abundantly and above all that we could ask or think, according to the power that is already at work within us”. This power that is working on the in-side of us is the power to love. It is also the power to give love to our loved ones, to heal brokenness in our homes, and to forgive those who hurt us, as well as kill our enemies with kindness. It is the God given inherent ability to love in spite of adversity. Children are a good example of this truth. They can fight and make up in the same hour. We adults should have these childlike qualities. “Unless we become like little children, we can’t even enter into his presence’.

“God is a Spirit and we who worship Him, must do so in Spirit and in truth”. Worship is a form of communication with God. It is a term that represents communication in a way that is totally spiritual. The only way we can communicate with our God the Spirit, is through the Spirit. The flesh has its purposes, but the Spirit is all about our connection to God. If we walk and operate in the Spirit, we would be able to manage the proclivities of the flesh. Another way of communicating with God is by Prayer and fasting. We also do so through our actions or non-actions. Showing kindness and being patient. Telling the truth and walking in obedience to the word of God says we trust and believe in Him.

Learning how to Love in the Spirit also depends on our understanding how God speaks to us. The truth is when we utilize our power to communicate with God He communicates back. When He communicates back, it can be in many different ways, all working through the Spirit. Some may hear an audible voice. He also creates circumstances and situations that will manifest answers to our prayers. He could also speak through someone saying something that confirms an answer that we have prayed for. I don’t believe we can put the operations of God in a box. He communicates in many ways that may be tailored to His relationship with each of us in an individual way. When God speaks to us, it is usually from a spiritual point of view. This is obvious throughout the word of God. The parables had spiritual meaning. The stories had spiritual meanings and most of the scriptures are there to guide us on our spiritual journey of life. Remember God is not concerned with our flesh. Walk in the spirit and deny the lust of the flesh. Remember it is not what goes into us that defiles our spirit, it is what comes out. This is our God given power to Love. So Love and not hate! Love in the Spirit

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