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It's All About You - Queen Theresa King
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Queen Theresa King, a New Orleans native who grew up in a Baptist church where her mother was the choir director and a seamstress. Her father had a gardening business and played the guitar with a jazz band, he seldom attended church. Because the pastor and wife were her godparents, she received an early, firm, scriptural foundation for living life, Her childhood life from the community's viewpoint, was anointed and powerful. Due to her father being an alcoholic, her private personal experiences were feelings of violation and neglect. The disparity between the two realities brought her to the realization that life’s adversities and calamities are clues to our greater purpose in life. Thus started the journey to find the meaning of life and what it is all about.

As we glance retrospectively into her gift-giving and awe-inspiring life of ministry. We find her in early adolescence serving her community, aiding the elderly, and helping the needy. Her eloquent paradoxical verbiage and wisdom were not reflective of a child but rather an “old soul”, which has given much hope to many and has lent credence to her call. By age 10, Theresa gained wide popularity by writing songs and singing in churches, and serving throughout the church communities. By age 15, she was honored by Mount Herman Baptist Church of Avondale, Louisiana, Oakville Missionary Baptist Church of Oakville, Louisiana, and New Glory Land Baptist church, where her Godfather Rev. Mack Dunbar was pastor.

Queen Theresa married at age 19 and moved to California in 1987. Despite marrying into a very abusive relationship, she found the courage to fight for her freedom, have a career and follow her passions. She worked at two career colleges, produced commercials on KFOX, wrote articles for the Wrigley Times, and produced a radio show on KLAS called Reggae Riddims. She has produced and promoted multiple reggae concerts and festivals, including the Bob Marley Day Festival in Long Beach Ca., with the Ragga Muffin Crew! She took business and film production classes and produced and hosted two public access shows. She planned and hosted events for local churches and community organizations. She began developing relationships with community leaders, local businesses, and manufacturers, bridging the gap between the Long Beach PD, Fire Department, and the community. She has supplied food and resources to over 100 Long Beach Churches and community agencies. She was honored by Mayor Beverly O Neil, former Councilwoman, and Vice Mayor Doris Topsy Elvord, and former council and congresswoman Laura Richardson Batts. Queen Theresa received the 2003 Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year Award from the American Businesswomen Association, Long Beach Chapter. She took a 53ft trailer tractor load of toys, clothes, food, and other resources to the New Orleans area, servicing 5 agencies and received a key to the city of Westwego Louisiana for her philanthropic endeavors.

Queen Theresa is a community leader who has made a profound impact on a functional society, in the United States and Abroad! She is connected!! She supports hundreds of churches and community agencies that service the underprivileged in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Her unwavering commitment to empowering the community for change, mentoring women and young girls, and advocating for senior and youth programs has been her passion since childhood! She has received numerous honors and certificates from elected officials and national organizations such as the National Council of Nigro Women Inc and the Congressional Community Pride Award from former Congresswoman Juanita McDonald. She has been honored by former Senator Diane Watson and Senator Josh Newman as well as countless elected officials throughout southern California.

Theresa is an extraordinarily talented multi-community award-winning recipient who has spent over 25 years serving in her community. More than just a problem solver, Theresa is an advocate of love and she shares it through voice, unique musical inspiration style, spreading her message of Love and Life. She uses her creative abilities to help people understand the process of “Loving in the Spirit” so that they can live happier and healthier lives. She has spoken before many community organizations and churches. She has advised community agencies and sat on the advisory committee of former City Councilwoman Tanya Ryes. She was also the Vice President of the founding membership of the Long Beach Head Start Council.  She founded Eradicate the Hate, a non-profit organization that promotes love by developing and providing community resources that empowers the community for positive change. She partnered with World Vision on special projects. Theresa has started programs that has helped thousands of families with essential needs and food. She developed support groups for hundreds of women to build support systems. Theresa has planned community giveaways, community festivals and concerts. She has been on the cover of the LA Centennial News Paper, All Woman Magazine in Jamaica and on the NBC 7 News in Los Angeles. She has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the business community and the non-profit service community in the Los Angeles County area.

Theresa has received the Congressional Community Pride Award from former Congresswoman Juanita McDonald for providing support to more than 200 non-profit agencies in her district. She also received the Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year Award from the American Businesswomen’s Association Long Beach Chapter. Theresa has also been honored by the City of Long Beach, the National Council of Negro Women and many others. She received the Key to the City of Westwego Louisiana for taking a 53ft trailer truck load of toys and essential items to the city and distributing to thousands of children and their families. Theresa has made a profound impact for a functional society, advocating millions in grant donations from the LA County Supervisors, in support of programs supporting DCFS families, in the Family Preservation Program.

Theresa’s love movement has always included her passion for music and putting her message of love in her songs. She has performed at the Inglewood Miracle Theater, the City of Carson Jazz Festival, the Leimert Park Black History Festival, The World-Famous Globe Theater and Headlined at the Hollywood Catalina Bar and Grill where the Real Mother Love was the host and comedian Melony Camacho opened up! Theresa was also the Queen of the Uhura Rising Celebration at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills in 2019. She has shared the red carpet with music artist and actors such as Diane Warren, Snoop Dog and Mario Van Peebles to name a few. Her message is prevalent and it is obvious that her life is ministry, with her latest released song, “This too Shall Pass” being used as a covid-19 PSA in the country of Ghana Africa. Theresa’s message of Loving in the Spirit is inspiring the world and raising the spiritual vibrations of those who listen!

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