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Silent No More

I am tired of holding back on what I am thinking and feeling about what is happening to our world! I originally started to address the issues that are the most challenging to our society without causing a lot of trouble for myself. I put a page up regarding the Chemical Trails that were being sprayed above our heads full of aluminum and heavy metals, pollutions etc. Most people would just say, good luck with that one! From the beginning it felt like it was a helpless situation to address. After speaking with scientist, friends and doing more research, I quickly realized that there were people out there testing the air, documenting the flights and tracing the sources of these activities. At that moment, I realized that all I really had the power to do was pray! So I did just that! I left the page up on the site and gave it to God! 5 years later, it looks like the fight to find and bring down those who are responsible for destroying humanity are being stopped and held accountable.

I know you may not understand exactly what I mean by this, this is one of the reasons why I am being inspired to start this forum hear in my personal site first. I will be duplicating it on the at some point. I have spent more than 30 years of researching information on the systems that control the world. Today they are known as the Deep State Cabal. They have been know by many names over the years and I will find a way to share this information in a chronological way at some point. I discovered there are people who run the world and the agendas they have created as it relates to humanity. As the years has passed, much of the information that has been termed "conspiracy theory" has been proven to be truths! I realized that the whole term itself was coined by those who were the conspirators. They wanted us to think everything was a theory because they did not want us to know the truth. I am looking forward to sharing my videos, audios and information that I have collected throughout the years. Some of it will be totally shocking to believe. I am praying that this forum attracts those who are already woke and are just looking to learn more! I am not the one for the babies.

I also welcome any questions or request for information that I may have. There are not many topics that I have not covered as it related to the Spirit, Love and historical truths. Just to let you know up front, our history is not what we have been told and all of the information is out there! I will be sharing links to sites and information that will educate you about the world's reality. I don't claim to know everything, I just know a whole lot! I often use my intuition, and I am seldom wrong. Many of the videos, or audios were recorded more than 5 years ago and my opinions on some may have changed. Please charge it to my head and not my heart!

This Video was recorded in the year 2019. You will see that I understood what was happening even then. I would love to know your thoughts on what they called the Russia Collusion! Please call me out on the things that I may be wrong on! I take criticism well and I have thick skin! Please do your research before you speak!! Please share the link and let's have the conversation!


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